Livermore Water Reclamation Plant

Livermore Water Reclamation Plant


Water Reclamation Plant

The City of Livermore built its first Publicly Owned Treated Works in 1942. The first plant was located near Rincon and Pine Streets. At that time, the plant was on the west end of town in the unincorporated county.

As residential areas moved closer to the facility, plans were initiated to relocate the plant to its current location at 101 West Jack London Boulevard. The original plant at this location was construction in 1958-59, with a design capacity of 2.5 million gallons per day (MGD).The plant has undergone four major expansions, with the most recent completed in 1993.

Today, the plant has a design capacity of 8.5 MGD. The Livermore Water Reclamation Plant currently processes over 6 million gallons of wastewater each day from throughout the Livermore area. The plant includes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment processes, and UV disinfection. Treatment plant solids undergo thickening, stabilization, and dewatering prior to transport offsite for use as landfill cover.

The Livermore Water Reclamation Plant also has state-of-the-art microfiltration and reverse-osmosis (RO) facilities available on site that are capable of filtering out impurities as small as bacteria, viruses, and some dissolved chemicals.