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Livermore to Consider Affordable Housing Downtown on Monday, November 26, 2018

Livermore, CA – On Monday, November 26 the Livermore City Council will consider an agreement with Eden Housing Inc. for the development of an affordable housing project downtown. The Downtown Plan approved by the City Council places that housing on the Livermore Village site at the intersection of Railroad Avenue and L Street.

“Last summer, the Downtown Steering Committee recommended the City seek community input on conceptual plans to develop roughly 110 to 170 units downtown,” said City Manager Marc Roberts. “Following that recommendation, we engaged the community and received valuable input on the number and location of housing units.”

Community Development Director Paul Spence said that while the affordable housing units were anticipated to be part of a larger market rate housing development, “after receiving public input the City Council directed staff to pursue plans that reduced the overall number of housing units for the site by eliminating the market rate component and focusing solely on the development of up to 130 units of affordable housing.”

If the agreement is approved, Eden Housing Inc. will develop plans and identify funding opportunities for the affordable housing project with up to 130 units. Eden Housing Inc. has developed other affordable housing opportunities in Livermore and throughout the region. “We are impressed with Eden Housing’s success and particularly its ability to obtain funding from non-city sources,” said Mr. Roberts.

Some community members have questioned the City Council’s decision to limit housing to 130 units downtown. Mr. Roberts explained, “The number of units was limited to 130 based upon input from the community, and recognizes the legal obligations associated with the housing funds used to acquire the properties.” A separate report by City Attorney Jason Alcala provides an analysis of the legal obligations to build at least 84 units of affordable housing to satisfy state requirements and the separate obligations associated with the City’s Affordable Housing Funds. “Essentially, the City invested over $13 million in affordable housing fees to assemble the properties for the Downtown Plan,” said Mr. Roberts, “and those obligations must be satisfied.”  The Eden Housing project will satisfy both the state obligation and a portion of the remaining obligation associated with the City’s Affordable Housing Fees, “which reduces the amount of money that would need to be repaid if the affordable housing is not developed,” said Mr. Roberts. A portion of those housing obligations will also be satisfied through the land swap that moved Stockmen’s Park to the downtown and moved up to 140 other affordable housing units to the Civic Center campus.

The City Council meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 26, 2018 in the Council Chambers located at 3575 Pacific Avenue in Livermore.

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