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Work at the Springtown Alkali Sink Area

Starting Wednesday, September 11, 2019, the area known commonly as the “Springtown Preserve” will undergo habitat restoration work. The work will be conducted in an area located north of the walking path between Broadmoor Street and Hartford Avenue. Please see attached map. The restoration work will include invasive weed removal, minor removal of debris and fill from impacted wetlands, and the reintroduction of local native vegetation. A fence will be constructed along the southern border of the property along the walking path to prevent future trespass and wetland habitat disturbance.

Wetlands in the area have been altered and stripped of native vegetation due to trespass and unauthorized use of bicycles, motorized dirt bikes, and remote-controlled vehicles. These activities have resulted in a loss of sensitive habitat that supports rare plant species and vernal pool and wetlands habitat.

Prior to the start of restoration work, biologist will stake construction fencing surrounding preserved wetlands in the vicinity of approved work areas. Work is anticipated to last approximately three weeks. 

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Ross at the City of Livermore Planning Division at 925-960-4475.

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