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Joint Statement Regarding Livermore Farmers Market

A Joint Statement from Livermore Downtown Inc., Livermore Pride, and the City of Livermore regarding the Livermore Farmers Market

On Tuesday, June 16, leaders of our organizations met to collaborate and develop a shared response to the regrettable incident at the Livermore Farmers Market that occurred on Sunday, June 7, and the subsequent resignation of the California Farmers’ Market Association (CFMA) from their management role.

Our immediate collective response is as follows:

  1. CFMA’s recent actions were unacceptable and do not represent the values and principles that are appropriate for the Farmers Market, and all other programs or services in the City of Livermore.
  2. Residents and visitors who connect with our businesses deserve respect and professionalism and should feel confident that they are in a safe and inclusive environment where diversity and equity are valued.
  3. Farmers, agricultural producers and small businesses also deserve to be treated consistent with our values and they are critical to our economic sustainability and growth.
  4. CFMA’s resignation leaves Livermore Downtown Inc. without a management contractor. We are working together to bring forward a viable solution to relaunch the Market as quickly as possible with a management partner that shares our community values.
  5. Thorough vetting and contracting procedures will be followed as expeditiously as possible as Livermore Downtown Inc. selects a new management partner.
  6. We know the importance of effective and coordinated communication, transparency and stakeholder engagement. We will be keeping these principles at the heart of our work.

The Farmers Market is a community institution that many have anxiously awaited both for a return to social connection and, importantly, economic recovery for the many independent growers, food crafters, artisans and others whose passion brings them to the Market each week. We encourage Farmers Market shoppers and our community residents to find ways to support these vendors during this interim period. With more retail shopping now permitted with the Shelter in Place guidelines, we also know that all of our area businesses are looking forward to serving you and need your patronage.

We are committed to working swiftly and judiciously as we define next steps and explore options to bring the Livermore Farmers Market back to downtown. You can expect updates as they become available.


In cooperation,

Brook Witherspoon

Livermore Downtown Inc. President


Amy Pannu

Livermore Pride Executive Director


Bob Woerner

City of Livermore Vice Mayor

City Council Liaison to Livermore Downtown Inc.

( Joint Statement from Livermore Downtown Inc., Livermore Pride, and the City of Livermore )