Police Reports & Fee Schedules

Police Reports & Fee Schedules

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Request police reports through the Livermore Police Department Public Records Center.   

The report fee is $10.00.  Fees are waived for victims listed on the report.

For additional information, contact the Records Department at 1110 South Livermore Avenue between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or call (925) 371-4909.

Fee Service Name / Description Fee
Sale of Police Reports
Police report $10
Evidence Recording (per incident) $32
Background Check (SCIA) $30
Disabled Parking Citation Sign-Off $29
Clearance Letter $73
ABC One Day Permit $179
ABC Clearance Letter $59
Property & Evidence Fees (Subpoena required)
9-1-1 Dispatch Recording $33
Property Storage (per item) $79
Evidence Recording (CD) $32
Duplication of Video Tapes (includes digital video) $63
Digital Photos per Sheet $11
CD-ROM Copy $21
Prints from Video $132
Multiple Photos (includes developing) $10
Vehicle Fees
Stored Vehicle Release $282
Impounded Vehicle $282
Repossessed Vehicle Fee (Receipt) $15
Emergency Response Fees
Emerg Resp -Impaired Driver Actual Cost
Animal Control Fees
Deceased Pet Pick Up $120
Police Permits
Bingo $309
Card Room - License $271
Card Room - License Renewal $211
Card Room - Employee Work Permit $211
Card Room - Employee Work Permit Renewal $211
Dance Application $257
Food Vehicle Permit $211
Food Vehicle Renewal $211
Massage Establishment Permit $515
Massage Establishment Permit Renewal $211
Masseuse Permit $309
Masseuse Renewal $181
Taxicab driver permit $211
Renewal Taxicab driver permit $211
Taxicab Company Permit $515
Renewal Taxicab Company Permit $241
Vendor/ Solicitor Permit $257
Vendor/ Solicitor Permit Renewal $211