Monitor Your Water Use

Monitor Your Water Use

Create a Love My Water Account

Monitoring your water use will help save water and lower your Livermore Municipal Water bill. The easiest way to monitor your use is by creating a Love My Water Customer Portal account. Once you have created an account you will be able to monitor your water usage in real-time and receive automatic leak alerts.

Click the button below to register for an account. Instructions on how to use the portal are available 
here. If you have any problems registering for a Love My Water account, contact the Utility Billing Division at (925) 960-4320.

Register for a love my water account  

Read your Water Meter to Check for Hidden Leaks

Reading your water meter can tell you how much water you have used and allow you to check for leaks. If you turn off all the water taps but the meter is still turning, this indicates that there is most likely a leak somewhere on your property.

Typically, water meters are inside a concrete box near the curb in front of your home or business. "Water" will be written on the lid. Insert a tool such as a large screwdriver into one of the holes to remove the lid.

Water meters measure water use in cubic feet (1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons). Livermore Municipal Water bills measure water use in units of 100 cubic feet (CCF).

If it seems like there is a leak in your plumbing, use the checklists below to help determine where the leak is located. After the leak has been found, visit the EPA’s WaterSense website to learn how to fix common household leaks.

Water Bill Still too High?

If you have confirmed that your plumbing system does not have any leaks and you would like to further reduce your Livermore Municipal Water bill, visit our Save Water at Home page for tips on how to use less water. Also consider applying for Water Conservation Rebates offered to Livermore Municipal Water customers.