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Mayor Marchand's Letter to the Community

November 2, 2020

A Letter to our Community from Mayor Marchand

The year 2020 has been unlike any other in my experience. We have endured a global pandemic, civil unrest, heat waves, lightning, wildfires, and power failures. People throughout the political spectrum are angry, frustrated, and anxious.

One of the hallmarks of America is that for almost 250 years we have had peaceful transitions of power. We, as a people, make our choices using ballots, not bullets. Tomorrow we will once again make that choice and we will accept it. Some will be happy with the results of some of the races. Others will not. Neither side has to be quiet about it, but there must be no violence from either side. As a nation, we are more divided than at any other time in history that I can recall, but that does not mean that our community should be divided.

We can be proud that according to Livermore’s 2018 National Citizen Survey, over 90% of survey respondents reported casting their ballot in the 2018 local election. Voting matters in Livermore. I want to encourage everyone to make your vote count.

I hear from some of our neighbors that they are afraid of losing their freedoms. Rest assured that your City Council has sworn to uphold the Constitution and all of the freedoms within it for everyone. We uphold the right to free speech and invite open conversations where people can disagree without becoming disagreeable. In Livermore, we have had peaceful demonstrations from all sides and I expect them to continue. The newly formed Equity and Inclusion Subcommittee was created specifically to listen and give everyone in our community an opportunity to be heard.

I understand that people are frustrated and there are a few who would try to convince others that something as simple as wearing a face covering is a loss of freedom. Remember, wearing a mask has been proven to protect the lives of others during this pandemic. It is just like the laws requiring the wearing of seat belts or helmets or prohibiting texting or drinking alcohol while driving. They are in place to protect others because that is what we as a society do.

We also uphold the rule of law to maintain a civil society. Last June, when our neighboring cities were convulsed by riots and looting, our police department defended our City from those who meant to do us harm. We will continue to support our police and firefighters who support, protect, and defend our community.

We are Livermore. For over 150 years, Livermore has been known as a kind, generous, and giving community where people work together for the common good. This Election Day, like so many others before, will not change us.


Mayor John Marchand

( Mayor Marchand Nov. 2 Letter to the Livermore Community )