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COVID-19 Vaccine

Current COVID-19 vaccine supply is limited, and Alameda County is following the State’s vaccine prioritization guidance. As vaccine supplies increase, you will be able to get a vaccine through a County-administered point of dispensing (POD) or your health care provider.  

We are currently in Phase 1a, and anticipate beginning Phase 1b in February (as vaccine supply allows). 

To receive a notification of when a vaccine might be available for you, please fill out one of these County forms:  

·         Alameda County residents

·         Alameda County employers

·         Health Care Providers

Please note, this is NOT a registration to receive a vaccine. The information you provide is kept confidential and will help the County in its planning.  Alameda County will contact you with further details about where a vaccine will be available when it is your turn. In the meantime, please protect yourself from COVID-19 by wearing a mask, keeping your distance from others, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands frequently.   

To learn more about vaccine planning in Alameda County, please visit the County website.  

If you have question about the County's vaccination plan, you can email:

( COVID-19 Vaccination Phases )